Frequencies calculation software for RF equipment
(micros, BTR, In-Ear, IFB, etc.)
Version 4.67 for Windows

New version 4.67: reading IAS files.

EazyRF version 4 is the continuation of version 3 with all its fonctions and addition of new features.

The presentation was first improved, the views have more color to put the sections more in evidence

The List of Variables Frequencies and Fixed Frequencies Devices have been merged for more flexibility.

A new Device Group list has been added to EazyRF. It is thus allowed to group together devices and assign frequencies simultaneously.

Here are some examples: a BTR-800 A2 group contains the BTR-800 A2-TX and the BTR-800 A2-RX, a Theater group ABC contains all the devices in this theater, and the frequencies allocated can be included for each device..

There is no limit on the number of devices in a group.

Finding a device in the device list can now be done more easily. For example, you can search for a micro type device whose starting frequency is greater than one value, or less than another, or between two values.

EazyRF can transfer data to the Wisycom Manager software (Frequency Table), either by clipboard, by saving a file (.xwdf), or directly in the "Frequency Table" window.

With version 4.2, it is now possible to transfer frequencies and descriptions to the Sennheiser, Shure, Wisycom and Lectrosonics equipment managers data files.

Finally, other tools have been added: automatic start frequency for devices, the frequencies are not necessarily assigned consecutively from one device to another; two versions of a document can now be compared; background color on group, section, device and frequencies.

With the version 4.1, EazyRF now supports DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) group III (Europe).

EazyRF now uses the .NET Framework 4.5.

You find all the features of version 3 without having messed up the layout of commands, no need to relearn where are the functions of EazyRF, no loss of efficiency.

So we always have the same facilities: video standard NTSC, PAL B/G, PAL I and SECAM L, reading files created by the samplers of frequencies (scanner) of several manufacturers, with these data we can create lists of interference or channels TV; Global View, Detail View, Frequency Plan, Spectrum View, On Tour.

To see how the software works, see the "Videos" section. Finally, the user guide explains in detail the software.

A demo version is available for download (with a limit of 20 frequencies maximum). If you do not have a license, you are automatically in demonstration mode.

EazyRF always requires a USB key (standard format or USB-C) to validate the username and its activation code. The key must be in place during program execution. A licence file can also be used but it is linked to a hardware configuration (one and only one system).

The USB offers the greatest versatility, it can be used on any computer. However, the license file is attached to the system configuration (linked to one and only one computer). To request a license file, just use the tool available under the Options / License Management menu as the material code must be created beforehand.
Buy EazyRF license

The cost of a basic license without a USB key is $495 CAD, without shipping costs.
The cost of a basic license WITH USB key is $650 CAD, plus shipping costs.
Taxes may also be added.
Please select your place of residence to calculate taxes and shipping costs if applicable:

PS. You must accept security changes.

If you live outside of Canada, you must select the Internation release for the shipping cost.
Contact me by email before please (for USB key).

Additional Devices Groups downloads
Update history
Installation Tips / Update
When launching EazyRF, if an Internet connection exists, a check is made to determine if an update is available. To do this, EazyRF must download some information files. Normally, corrections are automatically made to the installation folder to ensure that you have the necessary permissions to create files.

However, Widows 10 and sometimes Windows 7 or 8 refuses the security changes included in EazyRF. To remedy this, you have to do it manually with the file manager.

Just move to the EazyRF installation directory:
Then select the Security pane and click Edit. You select Users XXXXXXXXX and allow Full Control and finish with OK. So, follow the operations circled in red. Repeat for all editable user names.
To make the security messages disappear, you must start the control panel (right mouse button on the bottom left Windows icon of the screen):
Show applications by Large icons and click User Accounts:
Change user account settings:
Slide the security level to a minimum:
Click OK and answer Yes to the operation:
Tips transfer to Excel
For good transfer to Excel, Windows and Excel must have the same language format, i.e. in the Region for Windows and Language for Excel settings, they must have the same language, either French or English but no mixing. English with different country would not have influences.
Finally, make sure that the shortcut to run Excel is in "Run as Administrator" mode (Properties / Shortcut / Advanced).